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We also thank Roland Haas from the organizing committee for reaching out and providing us with a copy.

17th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity

Since the inaugural meeting in 1998 (held at Caltech’s Capra ranch near San Diego) Capra meetings have been bringing together relativists interested in the problem of radiation reaction in relativity and its application to extreme-mass-ratio inspirals (EMRIs) as astrophysical sources of gravitational waves. The meetings address an important open problem in gravitational theory, made particularly relevant by the exciting prospect of directly observing gravitational waves from EMRIs and other compact binaries in the near future. 

The 17th Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction in General Relativity will be hosted by members of the Theoretical Astrophysics group (TAPIR) at the sunny California Institute of Technology. The meeting will run June 23-27, 2014 starting with three to four days of invited and contributed talks followed by one to two days of informal discussions.

As usual, the program will focus on aspects of the self-force in general relativity but will also seek to explore the promise of a synergy with other approaches to the two-body problem. Following the Capra tradition, the meeting will be informal. There will be no registration fee and no proceedings. The program will include a few invited review talks, short contributed presentations, and open discussion sessions. Contributed talks on all aspects of the radiation reaction problem (including related topics such as EMRI astrophysics or data analysis) are welcome.

The organizing committee gratefully acknowledges financial support from the National Science Foundation. 

Chad Galley

Roland Haas

Yanbei Chen

Manuel Tiglio


Participants List



Capra 17 Meeting Location

The meeting will take place in the Hameetman Auditorium located on the ground floor in the distinctive Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Hameetman Auditorium

Cahill Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics

California Institute of Technology

1216 E. California Blvd.

Pasadena, CA 91125

We provide a presentation laptop running OSX, Acrobat 9, PowerPoint 2011, LibreOffice 4.1.6, VLC 2.1.4 to streamline presentations. While you are welcome to use your own laptop, please bear in mind that any setup time will have to come out of the time allotted for your talk.

Internet Access

Wireless Internet access will be available during the meeting for Capra participants. In the conference room there will be a dedicated wifi network "Capra17"; the campus wide "Caltech Guest" network can be used in other locations. More Information about how to connect, in particular the wifi password, will be provided at the meeting.

Parking at Caltech

Parking is available in the underground parking garage located under the Athletic Field adjacent to the Cahill Center (see map below). Access to this garage is via the road running beside the Tennis Courts from California Blvd, see this map. Parking costs $6 for all weekdays and is payable at the Pay Station vending machine on the B1 level in the southeast corner of the garage. Park in any unreserved parking space.

Local Restaurants

There are many restaurants located within walking distance of the Caltech campus. See this local area map for a list of possibilities.

A few blocks away from campus is Lake Avenue where, going north from California Blvd, you will find many retail stores and restaurants. There are some local restaurants here as well as familiar chains, and some have wait service while others are of the fast-food variety. Further away still with a long walk or a short car ride is the Old Town district of Pasadena. There are many restaurants, shops, and some bars here. Paseo Colorado is an outdoor mall just east of Old Town that also has some good restaurants, bars, and even a wine bar. There are also restaurants along Colorado Ave and along Green St but less concentrated than in Old Town. A map showing some of these areas relative to Caltech can be found here.

There are several places in the area to grab food and drink. The Chandler Cafe is a place on campus where you can have your lunch, sit outdoors, and enjoy a post-meal coffee at the Red Door Cafe in the sunshine. A map showing the walking route from Cahill can be found here.

Other places to get food on the Caltech campus include:

M-F 7:00am - 3:30pm

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Caltech Area Map


Information for flyers

If you will be flying into the area there are several ways to get to Pasadena. Depending on where you will be staying may determine which mode of transportation is best for you. Several options include:

We highly recommend you read more information about getting to the Pasadena area and moving around Los Angeles in the Caltech Transit Guide.

Fly-Away Bus with MetroRail: Go to Ground Transportation Level and look for the “Fly-Away Bus” sign along the curb. Take the bus that goes to Union Station. Once at Union Station you can buy your bus ticket for USD 8 (debit and credit cards only, no cash unless booked online in advance) and present it to the driver to retrieve you luggage. Then, enter Union Station and take the Metro Gold Line north to Pasadena. You will need to buy a TAP card at any of the kiosks there and add USD 1.50 value to cover your metro fare to Pasadena. If staying at the Vagabond Inn you will want to exit at the Lake Station. If staying at the Saga Motor Hotel you will want to exit at the Allen Station. Please see the Caltech Transit Guide for more information and for Metro Rail hours of operation.

Shuttle Services: If you decide to use a shuttle service then there are two commonly used ones: Super Shuttle and Prime Time Shuttle. Please note that if you are being dropped off at or leaving from the Caltech campus (which is a 20 minute walk or so from the Vagabond Inn and Saga Motor Hotel) then clicking the following links will automatically add a Caltech discount:



Rental Car: You can rent a car from most of the airports in the area. We encourage you to look for rates through the company and/or travel websites.

The Caltech campus hosts a few Zipcar vehicles on S. Holliston Ave. and San Pasqual St. (on the east side of campus) that you can rent for the times that you actually need the vehicle. It is sometimes more cost-effective to use the usual rental car venues when needing a car for more than half of a day.

Taxi or Limousine: Hiring a taxi or limousine to go to/from Los Angeles International airport (LAX) is not recommended because of the long distance and often bad traffic conditions. Prices are much more reasonable if going to/from the smaller Burbank airport (BUR) by taxi.

Information for drivers

If you are driving to Pasadena you can find driving directions and maps here.



Blocked Rooms 

We have blocked 20 double rooms at the Vagabond Inn with a booking deadline of June 1. In order to book one of the rooms and benefit from the reduced rate of USD 79 per night you will have to phone the Vagabond Inn at ++1 626-449-3170 and tell them that the booking is for Capra 17. The earliest arrival date in the reserved block is Sunday, June 22 and the latest departure date is Saturday, June 28.

A second set of 10 single and 6+4 double rooms has been blocked at the Saga Motor Hotel. Four of the double rooms are poolside rooms. Room rates range from USD 67+tax (single), USD 74+tax (double), and USD 84+tax (poolside double) and rooms are are available by phoning the Saga ++1 626-795-0431 (800-793-7242 toll free) and mentioning "Capra 17" or by booking online at the Saga's Caltech site http://www.thesagamotorhotel.com/caltech.asp. If booking online, "Capra 17" must be entered in the comments box. You will have to book by the booking deadline of May 5th. The block on the rooms is Sunday night through Saturday morning, June 22 - 28. 

Other hotels 

There are a number of motels in Pasadena, several within walking distance of Caltech (e.g., search for "motels" using the Google Map below). Many local motels offer discounted rates to Caltech visitors (usually available by phone if you ask, but not via the internet). The closest ones are the Saga Motor Hotel and the Vagabond Inn listed above but other similar options include:

Alternative, more upscale options include:


Feel free to contact the organizers at capra17@tapir.caltech.edu for any questions regarding the conference.

Original Snapshots Available through Wayback Machine here

We also thank Roland Haas from the organizing committee for reaching out and providing us with a copy.