9th Capra Meeting Reconstructed Webpage


This is not the original website, all items in this page were reconstructed through  the resources kindly provided by Bernard F. Whiting at the 25th Capra Meeting. 

The slides for this conference are still missing if you have spoken at Capra 9th please kindly send your slides to webmaster@caprameeting.org

Thank you, The EDI team



Friday, 9th June

Saturday, 10th June

Sunday, 11th June

Participant List

Abraham Harte - Penn State University


Adam Pound  - University of Guelph


Alan Wiseman -  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Bernard Whiting - University of Florida


Carlos Lousto - University of Texas at Brownsville


Carlos Sopuerta – Penn State Eberly College of Science


Darren A. Goulbourn  – University of Southampton


Dong-Hoon Kim  - University of Florida


Eirini Messaritaki  - University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Eric Poisson - University of Guelph


Hiroyuki Nakano  – Osaka University


Ian Vega - University of Florida


John Friedman -  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Katsuhiko Ganz – Kyoto University


Lior Burko - University of Alabama


Marc Casals -  University College Dublin


Roland Haas - University of Guelph


Steven Detweiler  - University of Florida


Swapnil Tripathi -  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Toby Keidl -  University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


Yasuaki Hikida – Kyoto University

 Ninth Capra Meeting on Radiation Reaction

Meeting summary by Lior Burko