Survey Privacy Notice

The purpose of this survey is to obtain accurate statistics on Capra’s demographics in order to quantitatively demonstrate and understand how we can improve the diversity of our community. In particular, this survey aims to identify if there is any reason attendees of a certain age group/gender/race did not present a talk. 

This privacy notice is for the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI), University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. The University fully respects your right to privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of those who share information with the University. Any personal information which you volunteer to the University will be treated in accordance with European Data Protection legislation. 

Your personal data will be collected for the purpose of conducting a demographic survey for the 26th Capra meeting on radiation reaction in general relativity on the bases of consent, public task of scientific research and legitimate interest. Personal data will be collected as outlined in the survey via Google forms.  The data will be completely anonymous. The data will be kept until ** 30th June 2024**. 

By taking part in the survey and providing consent to the processing of your personal and anonymous data, the data are required and not optional and you are entering into a contract with NBI.

Internal access: The personal data collected from you will be accessed by members of the NBI Relativity Group.

External access: The University will share your personal data with the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team at Capra for the purpose of processing. The University will never share your data with any other third parties. 

What are your rights?

You can access the University of Copenhagen’s Privacy Policy at  to provide you with further information. 

** You will only be able to rectify the survey up to the aforementioned processing deadline.