4th Capra Meeting 

Golm, Germany

28-31 of May, 2001


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4th Capra meeting on radiation reaction

28th-31st May 2001, Golm, Germany

This workshop will be in the style of the "Capra Ranch Meetings" started in 1998 in San Diego. Capra 2 took place in Dublin, and Capra 3 in Pasadena. During the past couple of years considerable theoretical progress have been made to understand gravitational radiation reaction in the extreme mass ratio regime. Real progress has also been made to implement such schemes into an effective computational framework. This will have an impact on the analysis of the data gathered not only by LISA, but also by LIGO-VIRGO-GEO interferometers. In this workshop it is planned to discuss new techniques, such as the Green's function approach, multipole regularization, and energy-momenta balance approximation. Attention will also be paid to the question whether chaotic orbits are developed in small mass ratio binary systems. A round table will be scheduled for the last day of the meeting in order to discuss other interesting work related to gravitational radiation. 

Invited Speakers

The 4th Capra Meeting report by Lior Burko, A4, Letter formats

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Administrative Information

Secretariat: Ute Schlichting, ute@aei-potsdam.mpg.de

Official Lodging: Landhotel Potsdam

Reiherbergstrasse 33, D-14476 Golm

Tel.0331-60119-0, Fax 0331-60119-500

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Original website's author: Carlos Lousto 

Original Snapshots Available through Wayback Machine here