Resources for Undergraduate Students 

Choosing to do a PhD is a big decision, and choosing a particular field is perhaps an even bigger one. With that in mind, we  have decided to compile a set of resources in case you want to have a look at the principles behind self-force and radiation-reaction. 

Complementary courses to your undergraduate programme (Bachelor/Masters):

Laser interferometer space antenna (LISA):

Introductory courses on Black Hole Perturbation Theory: 

Introductory courses on the Self-Force:

ICTS regularly organizes courses on Gravitational Waves. You can have a look at previous summer schools, it is a great complement to your GR courses. 


Self-Contained Reviews:

If you are doing a Bachelor/Master Thesis in a GR topic or just want to check your GR calculations we strongly encourage to install the Black Hole Perturbation toolkit's. Please visit their website on

It's available on Linux, Windows and Mac OS with the codes written in Mathematica, C/C++, Python and Fortran. 

If you wish to have a more hands-on introduction you can watch the videos of their latest workshop in Prague .

Where to find a PhD?